According to a well-known proverb, a sound mind resides in a sound body. Then, we could say, the mental well-being of the scholarship holders has been taken care of by the very skilled (but not always so very tender) hands of the masseur, MR Medard Bokodaho who has been offering his services in Grand-Popo.

The proverb seems to contradict the doctrines of the Western medicine so eager to keep the body and the mind separate. One might ask whether there is a difference between a shrink and a masseur anyway, but keeping to the wisdom of the proverb, one ends up with the next dilemma: If the masseur relieves the mental problems, what about the relationship between the mental state and the creativity?

And, if the wisdom of the proverb made sense other way around, then a twisted mind would require a crippled body. And according to another common belief again, a hint of madness is necessary ingredient of art. So shouldn’t we sum up worrying about the massage that is ruining the scholarship holders artistic flow? Is massage a curse or a blessing for the creativity of the scholarship holders after all?

Lets stop this pointless shilly-shally. According to a musician Mirja Mäkelä, who has tested the effect of the massage, the treatment has helped to relax, and this according to her, has contributed to the creativity. And we best believe her as she just told me having finished a new song she had been working (already her thirteenth arrangement at Villa Karo)!