Kuukausi: lokakuu 2011

Look at me! The enchantment of photographs

Text by Matti-Juhani Karila (translated and abbreviated by Anna Ovaska)

I am not a photographer, but I’ve gotten hooked on the mysterious enchantment of photos – on this ”one-hundredth part of a second which makes a blink of an eye eternal”, as American poet Hart Grane described the essence of photography in 1923.

I can’t imagine that any of you who read this article would travel to Africa without a camera, not even painters whose predecessors in the …

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KAKA-KAKA. Félicitations !! félicitations !! is the single french word pronounced by a great audience to congratulate Janne Storm, Felix Agossou and Gabriel Teiko, three resident artists in Villa Karo who performed wonderfully on the stage of the French Cultural Centre in Cotonou on Friday 30th September.

They preceded the main event of the night LA NUIT DE LA PAROLE by association KATOULATI. Same scenario took place in Grand-Popo on the red terrace stage of Villa Karo …

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