Felix Agossou and Janne Storm

« BRASSAGE » Brewing two cultures depends not on language.

Janne Storm a Finnish musician stipendiate who arrived in Benin on the 30th of August, made his way to Grand-Popo comfortably via inexpressive transport services of Alphonse Bodjrenou, recently ranked to the grade of Field Marshal in Villa Karo. Felix Agossou, the African resident artist already mentioned in our precedent publication on Akasia News, is a great and respected saxophonist in Benin. Both, quiet, brainy and enthusiastic, effortlessly merged their energies to break a relative language barrier because Janne hardly speaks a word in French and Felix speaks no English at all.

They got settled down for business as fast as they can. Lissa Gbassa is the venue of daily practice after breakfast. Sounds that came from their direction pushed my curiousity to invest in their training session by becoming a lonely spectator. Both charming guys Janne and Felix ignored the problematic solvable language barrier with drums, saxophone and the gong all combined to give another language « MUSIC » which is understood by all. Even my five year old grand son understands them with rythmical body movements as I nod my head to accompany him. A third fellow Gabriel is a drummer who assists Felix in his arrangement with Janne. After two weeks of coperation, Janne, Felix and Gabriel have recorded four songs and are preparing the fith. Braaaavooooooo.



Janne, Felix and Gabriel