Creative ideas animated by shear determination are the only path to courageously accept whatever comes your way via Nature. It’s not easy to convince your entourage to accept the reality of life. Significant, positive consequences resulting from exchange of opinions could lead to a wide range of opportunities full of great value to human race.  Bright future does not depend on running around like hell to amass wealth but the capacity to live and share ideas with others thus creating a mutual understanding for peaceful cohabitation.

In some days to come, Finnish-African Cultural Centre “Villa Karo” will be receiving an African stipendiate, Felix AGOSSOU, a saxophonist who has knowledge in handling many instruments. Very talented Felix plays with most of the popular bands in Benin. He will be collaborating with two musicians from Finland; a rock-musician, drummer from one of the most popular rock-bands in Finland with concerts all over Europe, the other is an experimental and very creative composer who makes music from all kinds of instruments. Felix a Fôn by origin started his musical carrier with great names in music both from the cities and hinterlands of the republic of Benin.  Much is awaited from this multi instrumentalist who looks forward to discover other experiences in the music world especially from a Nordic country like Suomi.

Apart from painters, sculptors etc, this is the first time Villa Karo is receiving an African musician as resident artist and fortunately Felix is performing  with Jonny Sourou on the 3rd September 2011 concert that opens Villa Karo’s year. Let’s wait and see what happens. Inga Rikandi, Katja Lunden , Osmo  Räihälä, Noêl Saizonou , George Agbazahou, Abdoulai & co know what I mean by this kind of collaboration.  Dance with me now!!!! Mä olen mies, mä olen mies, jolle ei koskaan tapahdu mitäää.  Holalaaaaaaaa!! Elàlézolooo!!!.


felix agossou