As we are following closely news from Ilomantsi where a competition for sculptors is going on with the participation of a Beninese by name Florent Coovi NAGOBA, we are also happy to announce the arrival of Scholarship holders from Finland on the 1st of September to sanction the beginning of Villa Karo’s operational season.

Our staff under the leadership of Kwassi AKPLADOKOU, assisted by Richard TANDJOMA, Alphonse BODJRENOU, Georgette SINGBE, Boniface GOSSOU just to mention a few, is ready to receive incoming artists into its fold with joy. For more information, we have breezy sunny days and moderately cold nights that will sure disappear at the end of August for a warm weather.

Let’s talk about health, EBOLA, the suspected case detected some weeks ago has been proved negative. Beninese health authorities and international organizations ie. PLAN BENIN have cleared the air assuring Beninese and visitors of safety. All health centers and populations are well instructed about way of protection and prevention. Olette kaikki tervetulleita Grand Popoon. Ei pelkoa!

-Kwassi Akpladokou