Turtle_Protection_Day Turtle_Babies_Go_to_Sea Registering_and_Buring_a_Dead_Turtle

At the beach of Grand-Popo, we come across an average of fifty dead turtles annually, most of which have been hit by the ships and tankers navigating the waters of the Guinean Gulf or having choked on plastic bags.

On the positive side there are twice as much turtles coming ashore annually to lay eggs in the same warm sands. During their development, these eggs are in danger, the biggest threat being posed by the humans who use these eggs for food.

In order to guarantee that the baby turtles get born and find their way eventually to the ocean, the volunteers of Nature Tropicale patrol the costline in the night time and collect the eggs which they deposit in big plastic bags for the incubation period and when these get born take them to the ocean.

Villa Karo has been sponsoring the action in the past. The scholarship holders have been following the action of the organisation. They also participated in the national turtle protection day demonstrations.