Art, exchange and entertainment all combined via young Cultural Center, ”Villa Karo” enrich the environment in Grand-Popo. Arrivals and departures of artists to and from Finland is a routine I have followed for eleven years now. Projects by Finnish and African Scholarship holders keep the whole village alive. Frequent visits by school children from all parts of central and southern Benin to the center contribute a lot to our activities with Le Petit Musée at center stage. Monthly concerts, weekly film projection and occasional children’s workshops animated by internal & external cultural partners combined with other social activities in Lissa Gbassa account for our importance to the village in particular and to the whole community in general.

For maintenance reason, the house is closed for a period of two months now. Staff members recoiled into their nests to gather new energies, restaurants and roadside food vendors are all conscious of the long holidays. Zemidjans at the carrefour are more than bulletin board to unaware visitors to Villa Karo during this period.  Chao Chao.