Christmas Manger from Ivory Coast - the Wise Men (in the Museum of Villa Karo)

Only two days until Christmas! We asked a few people from Villa Karo and Grand Popo how they will celebrate the holidays this year.

Villa Karo normally arranges a Christmas dinner for the staff, their families, scholars and their friends. Everybody gathers together in the hall of Lissa Gbassa in the evening of 24th December. In a Finnish fashion, Christmas ham or “porc braisé” is served – but also fish for those who don’t eat meat.

This year some are also travelling. Some go to Burkina Faso, and for example Richard Tandjoma, who works as an accountant at Villa Karo, will be spending Christmas this time with his family in Lomé, Togo 65 kilometers from Grand-Popo.

Richard, Papa Adanou, the gardener of Villa Karo and Boniface Gossou, the caretaker of Villa Karo, all tell that Christmas is the holiday for children. Family traditions include small gifts for children, good food and music.

But Christmas is also the celebration of Christ. After dinner families join the Christmas mass. Papa tells that he will be assisting in the Nativity scene this year. On the 25th some go to church again and afterwards to visit friends and family.

Richard, Papa and Edoh, Boniface and his friend Joel and all the staff of Villa Karo wish you a merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël à tous !