Press release: Wikimedia Finland joins Villa Karo as a community member




Wikimedia Finland joins Villa Karo as a community member


We are happy to announce a new collaboration with Wikimedia Finland, as they join Villa Karo as a member.


Wikimedia Finland (Wikimedia Suomi ry) is a non-profit association that promotes knowledge and use of the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia and other services maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation, as well as the creation and distribution of free content in Finland. We support the creation of Benin's national languages, such as Mina (Gen), within the framework of, for example, the Language diversity hub, which supports small languages in various Wikimedia projects.


As a community member, Wikimedia Finland strengthens cooperation between countries by  creating free content, as well as strengthening the Encyclopedia's representation of Africa. The goal is also to increase writing, reading and language skills, source criticism and in general using citations. Villa Karo strives to contribute to what is said about Benin and West Africa and that the information is based on reliable fact-based source material.


In 2017 and 2019, the former chairman of Wikimedia Finland (2016-2018) Heikki Kastemaa, who has introduced Beninese to Wikimedia, worked in Villa Karo's residency. As a result of the residency, the Wikipedia project in Benin was born, where cooperation with Wikimediens du Bénin User Group has been carried out, for example in the field of photography.