Instructions on residency



The application for residency is continued exceptionally.

You can currently apply for the residency for the period from January to May 2021. We process applications once every two weeks. The application period for the autumn 2021 residencies (15 August to 31 December) ends on 15.3 at 23:59.


The application should have a short resume and work plan, which should include the desired dates for the residency. The period of residency can be up to 12 weeks.


The application should include the following:

- Name/s as shown on passport

- Contact information (email, phone number, home address)

- Birth date


The applications with attachments in pdf. format should be sent to hakemukset[a]villakaro.org.

Cultural and social science professionals, artists and researchers can apply for a residency in Villa Karo. The residency is suitable for both one’s own research and artistic work as well as community projects. Ideally, if a resident could also offer something to the local community.


The staff at Villa Karo will help you with getting contacts and organising your work.

Avecs, with the age limit of 16 years are also welcome to join the residency. Their name and contact details must be provided before the start of the residency.


Applications will be evaluated by a separate panel. Decisions are not explained to the applicants.


The residency given by Villa Karo covers:

- airport transfers Cotonou/Lomé – Grand-Popo – Cotonou/Lomé

- resident room, breakfast, cleaning, laundry and Wi-Fi connection in Villa Karo for a weekly rent of EUR 75

- assistance and support both in planning your trip and in Benin


The resident’s own costs are:

- travel expenses to Benin

- EUR 75 weekly rent and EUR 100 Weekly rent with an avec

- visa and travel insurance

- antimalarials and vaccinations (yellow fever vaccination is compulsory for all arrivals)

- hotel night in Cotonou on arrival in Benin in the evening (approx. EUR 15-50)

- possible excursions with Villa Karo and your own excursions

- large-scale interpretation services (eg. for own work)

- In which language should the application be written?

-> The work plan can be written in Finnish, Swedish or English.


- How long can the residency be?

-> Villa Karo's residency periods are up to 12 weeks. Residency periods longer than this are not granted.


- How long should the application or work plan be?

-> Not too long.


- Could I get help with finding partners?

-> You can if you are selected for residency.


- Can I complete the application after sending it?

-> You should prepare everything at once.


- Can I bring an avec to the residency? Should it appear in the application?

-> Avecs are welcome and can be announced at a later stage. Age limit 16 years.


Living conditions in Benin and Villa Karo are described in more detail in Villa Karon's ABC book, which can be ordered from Villa Karon's Helsinki office (15e, incl. Map of Grand-Popo).