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For Villa Karo's activities

Support and Donate

Villa Karo's activities need supporters, make a one-time donation easily!

By donating, you support the activities of Villa Karo. The most important task of the association is to bring people together to create a better tomorrow through art, culture and research.


For more than 20 years, this cultural bridge has been built and strengthened. In a changing world, we are becoming more and more aware of how in many ways the fates of Finland and West Africa are ultimately intertwined. That's why our work is needed right now more than ever.


For this work, we need the support of our friends. Your donation will be used to secure Villa Karo's long-term operation and jobs in Grand-Popo.





The cultural and social significance of Villa Karo is considerable both in Finland and in Benin. By donating, you will also help us guarantee Villa Karon Benin staff and their families health insurance.


Select the desired amount below and proceed to pay easily in our online store. If you want to donate another amount, for example €300. choose 3 pieces of €100 donation in the online store.


Donations can also be made by bank transfer. Account number FI33 1544 3000 0272 55, can also be found at the bottom of the page.


Make a fundraiser for your

Special day celebrations


Birthdays, retirement parties, anniversaries, funerals...


On your anniversary, instead of gifts, you can direct the collection to the activities of Villa Karo. With your collection, you support the activities of Villa Karo and help us build a cultural bridge and a better future. The funds are used to ensure the continuity of Villa Karo's long-term operations.


Instead of gifts and flowers, ask your friends to participate in building a better tomorrow through collection.


Anniversary collection by bank transfer is easy. Let us know the information about the event and the date of the event toimisto@villakaro.org


Tell your close friends that you would like a donation for the activities of Villa Karo. At the same time, tell them our account number, Villa Karon ystävät ry FI33 1544 3000 0272 55 and the message of your choice (e.g. in memory of Tove Jansson) for donating.


We can send information about the total amount of donations after the event.



Villa Karo's operations go through quadruple accounting, auditors operate in both countries. The membership fee is directed to the welfare of Benin's staff.

Health insurance

Villa Karo's staff and their families in Benin are covered by health insurance. Health insurance is covered by membership fees and donations.

Basis of operations

Villa Karo promotes intercultural understanding with its ethos Pro Meliore Inter Homines Concensione - For better understanding between people.


Testamentary donation

Horisontti, meri ja pilviä

If you want to remember the activities of Villa Karo in your will, you can use the following information:


I bequeath to the Villa Karon ystävät ry (Y-ID: 1936284-5) EUR ______ to support the activities of Villa Karo.


If you want to record something other than a monetary donation in your will, please contact executive director Julia Ojanen. julia.ojanen@villakaro.org / +358 44 3489811







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