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Villa Karo's Friends is a community that builds understanding and cultural bridges between Finland and West Africa.

With climate change, digitization and migration, the world seems to be shrinking all the time. Although the change is clearly visible, a deeper understanding of our common future is lacking. Could art, culture and research offer a very special way to build these bridges? This goal unites our members - as does the love of West Africa.


As a member, you get a great opportunity to network and meet old and new acquaintances. You can participate in member trips, member evenings and our other events, you will receive the cultural magazine Akpé mailed to your home, information about Beninese and African cultural offerings in Finland, as well as current information about exhibitions, concerts, etc. of the artists who worked in the residency. Members can also send small packages to Benin via Villa Karo free of charge, and upon request, updated visa application instructions and other travel-related tips will be sent to them.

Villa Karo's staff and their families are covered by extensive health insurance in Benin and, exceptionally for the country's conditions, are customers of the local pension system. In addition, in these decades we have influenced the living standards of countless Beninese people by bringing customers to local companies and creating cooperation between Beninese people and Finns. By becoming a member, you are also directly helping the people of Grand-Popo!


With membership fees, we cover the health insurance of Benin's staff and we produce a lot of activities for local children, youth and adults to access.


Select Pay membership and follow the instructions (choose pick-up). Confirm your purchase in the shopping cart before proceeding to pay. You can also pay the membership fee of €170 to Villa Karo's friends account FI33 1544 3000 0272 55 and send your contact information by e-mail toimisto@villakaro.org.