Center, residency and operation

Five buildings on the Gulf of Guinea

Villa Karo has expanded tremendously in its twenty years of operation. Today, its courtyard has five independent buildings. Each one’s story is unique. The plot is cut in half by Grand-Popo’s village track, which begins a few kilometres away at the intersection of the highway. On the track you can find the town hall, the Nonvitcha-square and the old cemetery as well as several hotels and restaurants.


Villa Karo’s operation centers around cultural exchange and research work.

Villa Karo

Main Building

The main building is Dahomey’s former hospital.
Now the upstairs of the main building serves as the residents' rooms and downstairs as a library.
Villa Karo Research Center

Research Center

The research center was built in 2017.
The first research brought 800 Finnish people to Grand-Popo.
Changing Exhibitions

Musée Karo

The museum was established in 2015.
The museum holds alternating exhibitions.
Collection Exhibition

Petit musée

Founded in 2000 as a former maternity hospital, the museum is one of the most beautiful buildings in West Africa.
Multipurpose Space

Lissa Gbassa

Lissa Gbassa hosts concerts, movies, dance lessons,
conferences, lectures and competitions.