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Villa Karo Week of Maintenance

Villa Karo is preparing for the autumn semester to begin. This week has been a week of maintenance and everybody is busy preparing the house for the scholarship holders who will begin to settle in the house from next week on, as Kwassi has written already.

The see is wild and the air is windy. The coolest time of the year, say the locals. Even if the air sweetly touches the human skin and deliberately winds the dogs fur, …

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Un mois en Finlande, pays au mille lacs / Kuukausi Suomessa

By Richard Tandjoma (au-dessous en finnois / suomennos alla)

Ma venue en Finlande cette année était pour moi une occasion certes de visiter la Finlande et de mieux expérimenter la culture finlandaise pour mieux comprendre, sinon comprendre plus la réaction et la manière de vivre des finlandais, mais aussi une nécessite pour mieux expliciter et cohabiter les deux comptabilités, finlandaise d’une part, et béninoise sinon SYSCOAHADA (Système Comptable Ouest-Africain pour l’Harmonisation du Droit des Affaires) d’autre part, deux réalités …

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Wonderful tunes from beautiful birds, terrific waves hitting the shores, whistling breeze penetrating studios upstairs are some typical feelings awaiting our new scholarship holders arriving at Grand-Popo soon for this fall 2012.

Staff members are knocking heads together to ensure a perfect reopening of Villa Karo’s doors for our daily activities. Painters, Carpenters, Gardeners are all striving to to knock the last nail home for readiness. Welcome all for a new season!…

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TIME – holiday of Villa Karo

Art, exchange and entertainment all combined via young Cultural Center, ”Villa Karo” enrich the environment in Grand-Popo. Arrivals and departures of artists to and from Finland is a routine I have followed for eleven years now. Projects by Finnish and African Scholarship holders keep the whole village alive. Frequent visits by school children from all parts of central and southern Benin to the center contribute a lot to our activities with Le Petit Musée at center stage. Monthly concerts, weekly …

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