Avainsana: Grand-Popo

Wagashi -juustoa fulaneiden tapaan

Toissa sunnuntaina päätin lähteä lypsylle. Villa Karon vartija Abdulaye lähti kanssani retkelle Agbanakin-kylään. Ensin kuljimme moottoripyörällä Grand-Popon markkinapaikan läheisyyteen, sieltä sitten ylitimme joen noin 30 sekunnissa veneellä ja pääsimme Togon puolelle. Parin kilometrin kävelymatkan aikana sohimme pitkällä puutikulla kypsiä keltaisia mangoja puista alas. Tähän aikaan vuodesta näkee paikallisten kävelevän kädet ja taskut täynnä mangoja. Vapaata riistaa! Jossain vaiheessa alkoi nenässä tuntua lehmien haju. Lantakasat höyrysivät. Olimme saapuneet fulanikylään.

Fulanit eli peulh-kansa ovat joidenkin lähteiden mukaan alkujaan kotoisin Pohjois-Afrikasta tai Lähi-idästä.

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This is Grand-Popo – and some history

Click on the map above and you’ll see the village of Grand-Popo!

This map was drawn some years ago by Finnish artist Tini Sauvo, and as she writes, it is an outline ment to give the idea of the village: and to encourage to discover and find new paths.

Life in Grand-Popo is lively and new establishments are always appearing on the places of old ones. In this map you can’t for example yet see the Lion Bar – …

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Economic measures announced by the Nigerian Government to impregnate sanity in public finances also provoked total instability in neighboring countries. On the 9th of January, the Federal Government of Nigeria announced subsidy suspension on petroleum products which resulted in price increase of petrol, a controversial decision taken and aired during a nationwide radio and television broadcast by President Goodluck Jonathan became a point of discord between Nigerian and her population. Few hours later strike action was pronounced by various Nigerians …

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Vodou day in Grand-Popo

For a decade now, I had witnessed almost all the Vodou ceremonies regarding annual commemoration of Vodoo festival that takes place every tenth of January. Those who had migrated to Benin and witnessed this event in the past should count themselves lucky. Lucky because they had received blessings from number of Vodou spirits present during the ceremonies.

As a preacher, I admire those who are driven by curiosity to deepen their knowledge and discover more about Vodou and …

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