Avainsana: Georges Agbazahou

Shake it up on September 15 at Arbis!

The Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis will be offering in ten days probably the most multicultural event of the week-end in Helsinki. Do you feel like learning West-African playing and dancing in Swedish and English? Do you want to know more about the culture Benin?

If yes, the place to go is Arbis.

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Tulevia tapahtumia Suomessa / Upcoming Events in Finland: Helsinki Street Festival & Bridge IV (by Victor Amoussou & Leea Pienimäki-Amoussou)

Tänä lauantaina kannattaa suunnata Narinkkatorille kello 13 alkaen! Helsinki Street Festival -tapahtumaan nimittäin osallistuu paljon villakarolaisia: World Music System eli Georges Agbazahou, Camilla Heidenberg, Faride Lala, Jeanette Heidenberg ja Sara Estlander esittävät musiikkia, tanssia sekä pitävät työpajoja. Graffitikilpailussa mukana ovat puolestaan Leea Pienimäki-Amoussou, Victor Amoussou ja Anu Nirkko!

Ja ensi viikon tiistaina 5.6. avautuu lisäksi Victor Amoussoun ja Leea Pienimäki-Amoussoun näyttely SILTA / BRIDGE / PASSERELLE IV: Hwénouho (Auringon puhe / The Talk of the Sun / La parole

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Villa Karo in May

One more month before it’s time for the last scholarship holders to leave Villa Karo’s residency and return to Finland. It’s been a good year with, as usual, many moments of happiness and times of being lost in translation, cultural faux-pas’ and moments of mutual understanding in Villa Karo. But it’s not the end of the year yet! Here’s what’s happening in the times to come.

This year’s second last sholarship holder translator, researcher Simo Määttä will reach Grand-Popo by …

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World Music System at Feeniks club

Next Thursday (October 6th) is a great occasion for lovers of really good music around Helsinki. Camilla Heidenberg (FINLAND, former scholarhip holder of Villa Karo) and Georges Abgazahou (BENIN) are giving a concert at Feeniks club.
As the artists put it, prepare yourself “for a soulful mixture of afro, pop, jazz and classical music with piano, vocals, djembe, percussion”.

The group has been performing all over Finland and in France this past summer. As George’s stay in Europe …

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