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September Dream

Creative ideas animated by shear determination are the only path to courageously accept whatever comes your way via Nature. It’s not easy to convince your entourage to accept the reality of life. Significant, positive consequences resulting from exchange of opinions could lead to a wide range of opportunities full of great value to human race.  Bright future does not depend on running around like hell to amass wealth but the capacity to live and share ideas with others thus creating …

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La rentrée de la Villa Karo 2011/2012

Sylvie and Georgette discussing September 2011After a long silence that prevailed due to annual holidays and repairs, daily operations of Finnish-African Cultural Centre is due to resume very soon.

A lot had gone under the bridge related to commercial activities in Grand-popo with those who do business with the centre. Hotels, Restaurants, supermarkets, guides & zemidjans all complain of our long holiday. One can hardly get potato on the stalls due to the absence of stipendiates and the kitchen of Villa karo who patronize all …

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The Advent of September… and a new year for VK!

It won’t be long before the first of this fall’s scholarship holders will arrive in Villa Karo. Before that the annual preparations will begin. Rooms have to be tidied-up, the lawn of the garden has to be cut down, all sorts of small things have to be made. An energetic buzzing in the now empty rooms shall start again when Villa Karo’s driver, Alphonse, will steer VK’s grey mininus in front of the main entrance and the first comers will …

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