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Yêke Yêke Voodoo Festival in Glidji, Togo

Me, Rea-Liina Brunou and Marjo Räsänen got our first touch with the West-African voodoo ceremonies at the annual festival of the Gé-people in the village of Glidji, Togo.

The followers of the voodoo god of the sea Mami-Wata gathered there in the mid-September in order to find out how the becoming year is going to be. In the eve of the festival the voodoo priests got to a forest and looked for a sacred stone there. The next day the …

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Vodou day in Grand-Popo

For a decade now, I had witnessed almost all the Vodou ceremonies regarding annual commemoration of Vodoo festival that takes place every tenth of January. Those who had migrated to Benin and witnessed this event in the past should count themselves lucky. Lucky because they had received blessings from number of Vodou spirits present during the ceremonies.

As a preacher, I admire those who are driven by curiosity to deepen their knowledge and discover more about Vodou and …

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On God’s Bits of Wood / Jumalan puupalikoista

The exhibition at Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki brings vodun-objects to a Finnish cultural milieu – and crosses borders between cultures and religions, art and non-art, magical and common. They are objects in-between, I write in my post about the exhibition based on Juha Vakkuri’s and Matti-Juhani Karila’s collections. The exhibition, ”Mami Wata and God’s Bits of Wood”, will be open until 30.1.2012 and Juha will be giving a tour of his collection on 29th January at 12.00. The

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