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A Photographic Taste of May’s Concert


Villa Karo offers live music and theatre on it’s stage at Lissa Gbassa every first Saturday of the month. On the 5th of May three groups performed there: Chin-system and toba -rhythms specialist Sossa Erevard also known as “Le vrai Schou”, a marionette troupe Thakamou Culture Arts that is organizing the Teni-Tedji marionette festival tour and finally Julie Dossou‘s gogohoun and salsa performance.

Thakamou Culture Arts and Teni-Tedji are also holding a marionette workshop for children in Villa …

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Villa Karo in May

One more month before it’s time for the last scholarship holders to leave Villa Karo’s residency and return to Finland. It’s been a good year with, as usual, many moments of happiness and times of being lost in translation, cultural faux-pas’ and moments of mutual understanding in Villa Karo. But it’s not the end of the year yet! Here’s what’s happening in the times to come.

This year’s second last sholarship holder translator, researcher Simo Määttä will reach Grand-Popo by …

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A Lunch Box Full of Identity

This used to be my snack box when I started at the Maternelle of the Ecole de Jeanne d’Arc, in Marseille, as a three-year-old, sometime in September 1986. I know this because the teachers gave each of us kids a special sign before we learned to write and read our names. The sign helped us to recognize our own things among the belongings of 40 or 50 other children. My sign was still visible on the cover of …

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Vodou day in Grand-Popo

For a decade now, I had witnessed almost all the Vodou ceremonies regarding annual commemoration of Vodoo festival that takes place every tenth of January. Those who had migrated to Benin and witnessed this event in the past should count themselves lucky. Lucky because they had received blessings from number of Vodou spirits present during the ceremonies.

As a preacher, I admire those who are driven by curiosity to deepen their knowledge and discover more about Vodou and …

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