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Friday Action

Two consequent Fridays Boniface and Edoh have been showing Nikita series to the satisfied Popolese spectators in the momentously bit chilly nights of Grand-Popo. We hope this series to have continuance in the Friday Cinema in future, to know what will eventually happen to the multitalented lady agent!…

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Dinner – and Fulani tradition

I got an opportunity, with Marjo Räsänen and Rea-Liina Brunou, to get acquainted with the Fulani culture as Villa Karo’s night watchman Boubè Amadou – originally coming from the Northern Benin – invited us for dinner at his home.

Fulani’s, Fula’s or Fula people are the largest of the West African pastoralist peoples. They are spread over many countries, predominantly in Western Africa, but also in Central Africa and even Sudan. Only in Guinea-Bissau they form majority of the …

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Animal life in Villa Karo

Villa Karo’s dogs: Jaakko, Jaana, Juha and Paula got vaccinated.

Villa Karo and the areas surrounding it are also the home of hundreds of lizards, several pigeons who love to nest under the terrace roof and also sheep and goats who don’t actually live in Villa Karo, but absolutely adore the plants in the garden!…

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