Kuukausi: elokuu 2014

A Mighty Dream

ILOMANTSI. Lot’s of – excuse me – damn good coffee is being consumed today in this lovely town that reminds many of the TV cult classic Twin Peaks. As the third day of the contest is starting, many sculptors are beginning to feel tired after laborious hours spent carving and long evenings spent Eastern European Style (za vas!). Although the mood of this place is very lynchian, we are not here to solve the murder of …

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Natural Mathematics and the Number 24

ILOMANTSI. Several gunshots have been fired in the forests surrounding Ilomantsi during the last 24 hours and at least seven casualties have been reported. One more soul is destined to leave behind its earthly vessel before ceasefire. Probably by dusk, the blood of one more will have been spilled into the rich soil of North-Karelia – and Ilomantsi’s killing quota filled.

It is the never-ending struggle between man and bear taking place once again, as it does every autumn in …

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As we are following closely news from Ilomantsi where a competition for sculptors is going on with the participation of a Beninese by name Florent Coovi NAGOBA, we are also happy to announce the arrival of Scholarship holders from Finland on the 1st of September to sanction the beginning of Villa Karo’s operational season.

Our staff under the leadership of Kwassi AKPLADOKOU, assisted by Richard TANDJOMA, Alphonse BODJRENOU, Georgette SINGBE, Boniface GOSSOU just to mention a few, is ready to …

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A log of Scots Pine in Beninese Hands

Miikka Pörsti reports from Ilomantsi:


“I hear it’s louder here now than during the Winter war”, said member of the jury and outsider artist Eero Pulkki as the Bear sculpting championships had just begun in the keskusta of Ilomantsi, 10am this morning. Many of the 32 competitors are using chainsaws. However, some of them, like Beninese competitor Florent Nagoba, scholarship holder for VK and the Union for Rural Education and Culture, work with their handmade custom tools.…

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