KAKA-KAKA. Félicitations !! félicitations !! is the single french word pronounced by a great audience to congratulate Janne Storm, Felix Agossou and Gabriel Teiko, three resident artists in Villa Karo who performed wonderfully on the stage of the French Cultural Centre in Cotonou on Friday 30th September.

They preceded the main event of the night LA NUIT DE LA PAROLE by association KATOULATI. Same scenario took place in Grand-Popo on the red terrace stage of Villa Karo the following day 1st of October 2011. Backed by young artists from Comé, Janne Storm and his African Stipendiates presented a great concert, this time preceded by the group KATOULATI with stories recited by griots from Togo, Burkina Faso and Republic of Benin. These kind of stories told by grand parents during our infancy just to keep them company on full moon nights.

An hour session by Janne and his group was so that the audience amazingly fell in love with them. They played all kinds of music including KAKA, a rythm that sent the whole audience back to the root of their tradition with incredible demonstration of feet taping and chest druming that provocated great joy. Traditionally, KAKA is played to wake up adepts of all kinds of religion from their slumber to shake off the devil. It is danced in a way that even the disabled ones can be part of the game.

« Incroyable mais vrai », it was totally unbelievable even to me that Janne Storm understood and played KAKA to the surprise of all. IT IS VERY INPORTANT TO AIM HIGH TO AVOID ACHIEVING VERY LOW.

Janne did exactly that.