Kuukausi: syyskuu 2012

A Crash Course in Beninese French: Part IV

The first scholarship holders of the autumn are already in Grand-Popo, and it’s time to continue our course in Beninese French. So here are some phrases you hear really often after arriving to Villa Karo.

“Tu es en train?” (“You are [do]-ing?”) is a commonly asked question and related to the expression “Tu as fait un peu?” (“Have you done a little?”). Both refer to working, and can also be seen as compliments of just “doing something” in general. Georgette

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Shake it up on September 15 at Arbis!

The Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis will be offering in ten days probably the most multicultural event of the week-end in Helsinki. Do you feel like learning West-African playing and dancing in Swedish and English? Do you want to know more about the culture Benin?

If yes, the place to go is Arbis.

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Animal life in Villa Karo

Villa Karo’s dogs: Jaakko, Jaana, Juha and Paula got vaccinated.

Villa Karo and the areas surrounding it are also the home of hundreds of lizards, several pigeons who love to nest under the terrace roof and also sheep and goats who don’t actually live in Villa Karo, but absolutely adore the plants in the garden!…

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