Kuukausi: syyskuu 2011

A Recipe for Understanding

The newspaper Kouvolan Sanomat published a large article about Villa Karo last week (by Henna Mäkelin, Sept. 6th). The article was based upon VK’s last year’s scholarship holder Aleksi Saraskari’s experiences in working with local musicians in Benin. According to Aleksi, a tuba player, his first impressions on his Beninese colleagues’ percussion skills weren’t favourable. The two fellows playing balafon and djembe seemed like nice chaps but their beat was odd, not precise enough to a highly educated …

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She arived safely in Grand-Popo under a non protocol escort of Alphonse. Already enjoying the atmosphere and hospitality of her future co-workers for the next six months, Emilia Rüf immediately digested a clear and fraternal message of her collaborators, Staff introduction followed the next day under the famous akasia trees. Emilia took note and observed with attention during the meeting that took two hours. It’s no need asking her about the number of friends she made already in two weeks.…

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Change in deadline for applying for a scholarship / muutos stipendin hakuajassa

Artists, researchers, teachers, journalists, cultural workers! The deadline for applying for a scholarship for next spring  in Villa Karo has been postponed this year to September 15. Wanna go to Africa?

Taiteilijat, tutkijat, opettajat, toimittajat, kulttuurialan ihmiset! Villa Karon ensi kevään stipendin hakuaikaa on tänä vuonna pidennetty. Viimeinen hakupäivä on 15. syyskuuta 2011. Haluatko Afrikkaan?

Click here to learn more (in Finnish).…

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