Musée Karo: 4 Perspectives

4 Perspectives


17.2. - 17.4.2023, Musée Karo


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Seencelor la Bombe is a self-taught graffiti artist based in Cotonou and in activity for more than 20 years.


He has been painting full-time for over fifteen years, participating in multiple exhibi­tions, projects and festivals in Benin, Togo, the West African sub-region and in Europe. He is, among other things, a founding member of the ASSART collective, founders of the Effet Graff international street art festival.


Far from confining itself to the shackles of Street art, Seencelor explores another branch of plastic writing, that of painting. It is in this vein that he likes to underline: "Beginning with calligraphy through Street Art in Lomé, and being a graffiti artist at heart, painting was for me the second material integrated into my production". His paintings, which oscillate between impressionism and expressionism, two western avant-garde movements, depict, denounce, and capture many times the emotional peregrinations of his contemporaries. Colors, and flat areas of paint, the artist gives birth to emotion.


Seencelor - Tcho Boue ! 1, 105cm x 90cm, sekatekniikka, kollaasi






Frigg Toss is a mixed media designer artist who lives and works in Cotonou. This young Beninese, born in 1997, wants to be a precursor by making his art a tribute to purity and experimentation without falling into the conceptual exercise. His multidisciplinary approach (vector drawing, sculpture and photography) highlights this ability to adapt.



He observes and scrutinizes his immediate environment. He watches how the world evolves, his eyes open to an Africa in full confusion and where technological develop­ ments open up other perspectives.



If it is multidisciplinary, the work of Frigg Toss is no less coherent. Whether in vector drawing, sculpture or photography, his artistic approach is intended to be identical and already marks an affirmation, an artistic identity of its own. Often the first works lack confidence, which is logical, but for our young Beninese we already feel the imprint of a style, a signature.



Frigg Toss - And me in meta, 80cm x 65cm, sekatekniikka






Komy Thomas's universe is strongly influenced by its human and social experiences and the nature. He feeds on the vibrations that surround him to transform them into images, oscillating between figuration and abstraction.



His approach to artistic creation generally focuses on fairly specific themes. Experimenting with unconventional production methods, pushing the boundaries of traditional photographic techniques by exploring other mediums. What stimulates his creativity is the creation of a body of work that exceeds established standards.



Komy Thomas doesn't seek to project an ideal or a copy of reality, but rather to establish a dialogue with the viewer in a timeless space.


BMX pyöräilijä punaisessa paidassa kadulla

Komy Thomas - BMX, 40cm x 50cm, valokuva






Agnon Flora Dongbehounde aka Flora Martine is a visual artist, designer, screenwriter and director who lives and works in Benin. Graduated in cinematographic and audio­ visual production at the Institut Superieur des Métiers de l'Audiovisuel (ISMA), she then turned to graphic design where she developed a passion for digital art. In a rather singular approach, the works offered by the artist are a mixture of digital art technics and seek to create bridges between art and life.



The artistic approach of Flora Martine is accentuated on the human being. On the complexity of men. The artist through his works tries to bring out the emotions, the state of mind in which we can be at such and such a moment in our life. In a very gory and dark universe, Flora Martine draws inspiration from herself her emotions, her family, her entourage, the environment in which she lives to create works that push the viewer to introspection. Works that the artist signs by Flora's Madness to evoke his artistic madness. In a constantly evolving approach, Flora Martine is one of those African artists who want to show that art can also be appreciated through digital practice.



Flora Martine - Immortality, 40cm x 40cm, digitaalikollaasi