Musée Karo: Echange & Impact

Echange & Impact


Echange et impact is a Beninese-Togolese sales exhibition in Musée Karo, its opening was celebrated on the 14th of April 2018. The core theme of the exhibition is exchange and impact which are related to Villa Karo’s purpose. It is nice to see how artists from different backgrounds with various painting techniques and materials come together. The importance of intercultural communication cannot be stressed enough in a world becoming more and more multicultural.

Beninese artists:

Gandhi Tomede
Ponce K. Zannou
Fulbert Maketondé
Gabin Gishlain Ayohouannon
sisar Henriette Goussikindey


Togolese artists:

Feychal Traoré
Folly Sena Tamatekou
Samayatou Samaré
Doe A. Mensah
Claude West


Visitors are also able to buy the art works.


With the exception of a few artists, all Beninese and Togolese artists who participated in the art exhibition were present. In addition to Villa Karo's staff, visitors at the opening day included the vaccine research team together with a group of vaccine participants in addition to numerous other local visitors. Drinks were served by Villa Karo and finally a dance show performed on the front yard of Musée Karo.


(c) Sisar Henriette Goussikindey - Ensemble (70cm x 40cm, acrylic and oil on canvas)


(c) Fulbert Maketondé - Le regard de l'espoir (70cm x 50cm, acrylic on canvas)


(c) Fulbert Maketondé (70cm x 50cm, acrylic on canvas)


(c) Claude West - Source (80cm x 80cm, acrylic on canvas)


(c) Claude West - Mutation (80cm x 80cm, oil on canvas)


(c) Gabin Gishlain Ayohouannon (80cm x 80cm, oil and collage)


(c) Samayatou Samaré - Cicatrice (collage and oil on canvas)


(c) Gandi Tomede - Zebra (80cm x 80cm, mixed technique)


(c) Doe Mensah - Orchestre (100cm x 80cm)


(c) Gabin Gishlain Ayohouannon - Egun gun (2m x 1m, acrylic on canvas)


(c) Sisar Henriette Goussikindey (70cm x 50cm, acrylic and oil on canvas)