Släpps: 27 maj 2020

Results of ETVAX Vaccine Study Published

27 May 2020


Villa Karo hosted the phase 2b of the ETVAX diarrhoea vaccine trial in Grand-Popo, Benin, in 2017-2019. Villa Karo constructed a research centre with a laboratory in Grand-Popo on the order of Scandinavian Biopharma, the vaccine’s manufacturer from Sweden. Tens of medical researchers and laboratory professionals from Finland worked on the study in Villa Karo Research Centre. During these two years about 750 voluntary participants travelled from Finland to Benin for a ‘diarrhoea trip’ organised by Villa Karo. Scandinavian Biopharma and University of Helsinki have published results on the Benin trial on 26th May 2020.


We in Villa Karo are proud of being part of this research, delighted that we were asked to construct a permanent research centre in Benin, and to create a local organisation and infrastructure for the project, and we are very glad that we could conduct this project successfully through, together with our partners. We are particularly happy that we could be there to bring such a remarkable number of Finns to Benin and thus generate new fans of Africa in Finland. Villa Karo Research Centre stands in Grand-Popo, ready to serve science via new projects.


The results of ETVAX phase 2b study on Scandinavian Biopharma’s website:

Promising preliminary findings from a Phase 2b study of the oral vaccine ETVAX® against travelers’ diarrhea in Finnish travelers to Benin, West Africa