Donate to us through your


Birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, funerals ...


Through your fundraiser, you can donate to Villa Karo instead of receiving gifts. With the funds, you will support Villa Karo’s cultural activities, collaborative projects and building maintenance, but you will also help us guarantee health insurance for Villa Karo's Beninese staff, including the staff member’s spouse and children. The funds will therefore be used to ensure the continuity of Villa Karo's long-term operations.


Instead of gifts and flowers, ask your friends to contribute to building a better tomorrow through giving.

Collecting funds by bank transfer is easy.


  • Let us know about the event and the time of the event you organized to toimisto@villakaro.org.


  • Tell your loved ones that you would like a donation to Villa Karo.


  • Tell your loved ones our account number of Villa Karo ystävät ry FI33 1544 3000 0272 55 and your chosen message (eg. For the memory of Tove Jansson) for the donation.


We can send information on the whole amount of donations after the event.


Villa Karo's operation goes through fourfold bookkeeping, and auditors work in both countries. Membership fees go toward the well-being of the Beninese staff. 

Health Insurance

Villa Karo’s staff and families in Benin are covered by the health insurance. Health insurance is supported through the membership fees.

Basis of operation

Villa Karo promotes intercultural understanding through his ethos Pro Meliore Inter Homines Concensione - For a better understanding between people.