Tekijä: Kwassi Akpladokou


As we are following closely news from Ilomantsi where a competition for sculptors is going on with the participation of a Beninese by name Florent Coovi NAGOBA, we are also happy to announce the arrival of Scholarship holders from Finland on the 1st of September to sanction the beginning of Villa Karo’s operational season.

Our staff under the leadership of Kwassi AKPLADOKOU, assisted by Richard TANDJOMA, Alphonse BODJRENOU, Georgette SINGBE, Boniface GOSSOU just to mention a few, is ready to …

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Saturday with Students from Cotonou

February22_2014_1 February22_2014_2

Just after my Dakoin party last Saturday I had to attend to a professional call at Villa Karo with 300 students from Cotonou.

Georgette, Boniface, Papa and Boube had great difficulty in controlling their joy. Here are some photos of the visit.

A good PR for us because we are happy to receive future leaders who might have sympathy for us when it comes to funding some of our operations in some years to come. Having a big house like …

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Towards May

In the life of the Finnish-African Cultural Center the first four months of the year 2013 were full of collective waves of inspiration associated with a wide spread of great and positive intentions gathered from a burning desire for creativity. Arrivals and departures of residents started on a very good note in January: Timo Sipola (journalist), Liisa Väisänen (Ph.D) and her husband Marco Peretto (photographer), Risto Lindstedt (journalist) and his wife Päivi Lindstedt, Hannu Lindroos (photographer), Antti Sundberg (musician), …

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Wonderful tunes from beautiful birds, terrific waves hitting the shores, whistling breeze penetrating studios upstairs are some typical feelings awaiting our new scholarship holders arriving at Grand-Popo soon for this fall 2012.

Staff members are knocking heads together to ensure a perfect reopening of Villa Karo’s doors for our daily activities. Painters, Carpenters, Gardeners are all striving to to knock the last nail home for readiness. Welcome all for a new season!…

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