Suomalais-afrikkalainen kulttuurikeskus ja taiteilijaresidenssi

Villa Karo


Museum-932How to apply?

The length of the residential periods in Villa Karo ranges from five weeks to three months.

The deadline for applications for autumn residencies (August-December) is on March 15th and for spring residencies (January-May) on September 20th.

The most important part of the application is the work plan; preferably related to Africa or African culture.

The application (a short resume and a work plan) should include the basic information (name as in passport, date of birth, contact information) and sent as PDF-file.

Applications should be sent to hakemukset[a]

A detached committee evaluates applications and makes decisions on the residencies.

The scholarships of Villa Karo are meant for researchers and artists, as well as for other professionals of cultural and/or societal fields. A Villa Karo residency is suited for both individual research and artistic work, and carrying out for instance communal projects. The ideal situation is one where scholarship holders are able to offer something to the local community. The staff of Villa Karo can assist in finding the right contacts and in organising the workshops.

Information on living conditions in Benin and in Villa Karo can be found on these sites and in the book Villa Karon ABC-kirja, which can be ordered from the office of Villa Karo’s Friends in Helsinki for 15 euros. In addition to this, recommended travel guides are Lonely Planet’s West Africa and Bradt’s Benin.

Residents have the option to bring their spouses, living companions or close relatives to Villa Karo with them. However, children under sixteen are not allowed in the residency.

The grant of Villa Karo covers

  1. trip arrangements and the remaining of the plane ticket costs after excess
  2. transportation from the airport (Cotonou – Grand-Popo – Cotonou)
  3. accommodation and breakfast in Villa Karo for 75 euros/week
  4. cleaning of the room
  5. help and support in planning the trip and on the spot in Benin

Expenses the scholarship holders take care of themselves

  1. 900 euros excess for the plane ticket (Villa Karo sees to the remaining 400-600 euros)
  2. 75 euros per week for the accommodation and 100 euros per week for companion
  3. visa and travel insurance
  4. medication for malaria and vaccinations
  5. hotel night in Cotonou on arrival in Benin (about 20-50 euros)
  6. laundry (2,5 euros)
  7. possible excursions
  8. possible extensive translation services (e.g. for personal research)

People been in the residency in Villa Karo