Suomalais-afrikkalainen kulttuurikeskus ja taiteilijaresidenssi

Villa Karo

Villa Karo

Welcome to Villa Karo: a Finnish-African cultural centre and a residence for artists!

Villa Karo is a Finnish-African cultural centre located in the village of Grand-Popo, Benin in West Africa. The purpose of the centre is to improve the awareness and to promote the cooperation between Finnish and African artists and researchers, as well as to support the cultural contacts between Finland and Benin.

Villa Karo issues grants to Finnish professionals of cultural and societal fields and acts as a cultural centre in Grand-Popo.

The Executive Director of Villa Karo is Linnea Olamo, and the manager in Africa is Kwassi Akpladokou. The administrative organisation is formed of the association Villa Karo’s Friends; presided by Juha Vakkuri.